Hair Removal for Men

The History of Hair Removal

It may surprise you to learn that hair removal has been popular in one form or another for centuries. While these days, removing unwanted hair is as easy as booking an appointment with our waxing studio online, but for centuries women and men had to rely on some creative methods for removing the hair they… read more

The Best Way to Remove Facial Hair

If you are a woman with unwanted facial hair, you know how frustrating, embarrassing, and annoying this problem can be. Once you notice the hair on your upper lip, cheeks, or chin, you can’t think of anything else when you look in a mirror. If you are self-conscious about your facial hair, there is good… read more

8 Common Questions About Male Brazilian Waxes

More and more, we are seeing men come in for our Brazilian wax services. This makes sense because, as we cover on our Why Wax page, waxing is more hygienic, longer lasting, and more cost-effective than shaving. When men switch from shaving to waxing, they love avoiding the inevitable itchy scruff that grows in after… read more

Becoming A More Confident You

At Brazils Waxing Center, we welcome everybody, because every body is beautiful. As a judgment-free wax center, many of our clients inspire us with their confidence in their bodies. However, body confidence is easier said than done. If you struggle to love your body, here are some tips for becoming a more confident you. Identify… read more