Why Men Should Wax

Waxing is just for the ladies right? Well, that's where you're wrong. Plenty of men get waxed every month. From full faces to backs, chests, and even male Brazilians. Ouch...a male Brazilian? There's no way! But why? Lots of women get one every month, and if they can handle the pain; I'm sure you can… read more

Can I get waxed in Gainesville if I have hair bumps and ingrown hairs?

Let’s face it, unsightly bumps or ingrown hairs are unpleasant, and make you feel self-conscience.  We all want to look and feel our very best, but at Brazils Waxing Center in Gainesville, we don’t judge! A lot of people wonder if they can still get waxed if they have ingrown hairs or bumps.  Yes, you… read more

Waxing for Men in Gainesville, FL

Male Waxing Gainesville – step aside ladies For centuries women have dominated the “waxing” industry. Yet, men too have been removing body hair for just as long as women. From enhancing aesthetics, to improving sex appeal, and even for athletics, men have many of the same needs that women do. Gainesville area men now have… read more

Best Eyebrow Waxing in Gainesville, FL

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. And when it comes to first impressions, your face is what people remember. This makes proper grooming a key component of appearance, and eyebrow waxing in Gainesville may be just what you need to look and feel your very best. Eyebrow Waxing Gainesville Eyebrow… read more

Gainesville’s Bikini Waxing: From Full Body to Bikini it’s Your Choice

When it comes to body waxing, choice is truly a beautiful thing. Instead of having to accept your unwanted hair, or try to keep it under control with razors or smelly creams, you can get the smooth, silky feeling you’re going for in the exact areas and styles that you want. At Brazils Waxing Center Gainesville,… read more

Best Brazilian Wax in Gainesville? Check Out Brazil’s

At Brazils Waxing Center Gainesville, we’re always happy to introduce new clients to the freedom and fun that comes with a Brazilian wax. If you’ve never experienced being silky smooth below the belt, or being able to throw on (or take off) anything without worrying about awkward stray hairs, you’re really in for a thrill! And for… read more

Waxing Services in Gainesville: From Head to Toe We have You Covered

You know what you like, and how you want to look. So why let anything or anyone stop you from loving what you see when you look in the mirror? Our waxing services at Brazils Waxing Center Gainesville have helped men and women alike discover their sleeker, sexier selves by finally getting rid of their… read more

Bikini Waxing in Gainesville: New Year, New You

Starting off the year with a daring new look — even if you’re the only one who sees it — is a great way to tell yourself that you’re ready for big changes in 2019. At Brazils Waxing Center Gainesville, we help our clients experiment with plenty of new looks through our all-natural bikini and other body… read more

Brazilian Waxing in Gainesville: Once You Wax, You’ll Never Go Back

If you’ve ever had to spend a summer more covered up than you wanted to be because of unsightly razor bumps or stubborn stray hairs, it may be time to go Brazilian. With a Brazilian wax, you can rock whatever style you want without ever worrying about stray hairs or stubble. Even if you’re covered from… read more