Because of the holidays, many people get time off from work to spend time with family and travel. If you are headed on vacation this holiday season, it’s a great idea to prepare for your trip with waxing services from Brazils Waxing Center. Whether you are heading south to catch a tan or you are off to the mountains to hit the slopes, before you hop on the plane, don’t forget to book an appointment with our waxing salon first! There are many reasons why it is a good idea to come in for waxing services before you head out on vacation.

Reasons to get waxed

Use your time for relaxation

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to do is waste your time worrying about hair removal. When you shave, stubble begins to appear almost immediately, so you have to spend more of your precious vacation time tending to your unwanted hair. When you get waxed before your trip, it won’t even cross your mind because you can expect smooth hairlessness for three to six weeks afterwards.


Feel comfortable in your skin

When you’re on vacation, you want to minimize distractions so you can be present and enjoy yourself in the moment. When you are dealing with body or facial hair that makes you feel self-conscious, you can’t let loose and truly enjoy yourself in this new place. These insecurities can be exacerbated if you are wearing a bathing suit during your trip and more of your body is showing. Feel more confident in your skin with our waxing services. No matter what your area of concern is, Brazils Waxing Center can help.

Get more effective results

Not only is shaving time consuming, it is significantly less effective than waxing. When you shave, not only does your hair grow back in a matter of days (or even hours!), you are more likely to experience ingrown hairs and razor burn. When you get waxed, you are smoother for longer and with proper preventative measures and aftercare, you are significantly less likely to develop ingrown hairs.


Tips for Waxing Before Vacation

Before you come into our waxing salon for a Brazilian wax, lip wax, leg wax, or anything in between in anticipation for your vacation, there are special considerations to make.

  • Grow your hair out. It might be tempting to shave before your appointment at Brazils if you feel your hair is too long, but resist that urge. If the hair is too short, the wax will be more painful to you, and less effective. Give yourself at least two weeks to grow about ¼ of an inch of hair.
  • Exfoliate before your appointment. Exfoliation ensures that you get rid of any dead cells on your skin, so the wax can be most effective. You are at higher risk of infection and ingrown hairs if you don’t exfoliate before waxing. Exfoliate daily every day for the week leading up to your appointment, but not the day of, as this could cause further irritation to your skin.
  • Schedule your appointment for two to three days before your vacation. When you get waxed, it is very important that you let the waxed area breathe, and refrain from physical activity. It is normal to experience some redness and swelling for the first 24 hours afterwards. Any side effects should be subdued by the time your vacation rolls around if you use this strategy.
  • Take an ibuprofen before your waxing service. If you have concerns about discomfort during your waxing appointment, taking an ibuprofen about thirty minutes beforehand can be very helpful.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize afterwards. About 48 hours after your appointment, you should exfoliate your skin to avoid ingrown hairs. Also be sure to hydrate the skin using an aftercare serum or moisturizer, like our Elate Moisturize.
  • Do not shave between waxes. If you find that you have a few errant hairs here and there (which is normal the first time you get waxed), do not shave them off. You can pluck them instead, or come into our waxing salon for a touch up.

At Brazils Waxing Center, we would be proud to provide you with our waxing services in our pristine salon before your next trip. Book an appointment online before your vacation!